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CrossBorderScience 2012 Conference – Kaposvár

A konferencia helyszíne

Experience-centered Approach and Visuality In The Education of Mathematics and Physics
August 28, 2012, Kaposvár University, Hungary
Kaposvár, Guba Sándor u. 40.

  3. OPENING TALK: Reza Sarhangi (Towson University, USA)

Let’s Form Communities! The goal of this conference is to draw attention to the new opportunities in the experience-centered education of mathematics and natural sciences and to study together the mathematical and scientific connections in visual arts. We are inviting teachers, educators, scholars, artists, workshop leaders, university students and parents to this meeting. Let’s form creative communities for the research of art&science connections in the education of mathematics and natural sciences!

Don’t Just Talk: Do It! As a participant of this conference, You will have the opportunity to meet with internationally recognized specialists of this field, like Reza Sarhangi (Towson University, USA), the president of the Bridges Organization, the world’s largest mathematics&arts community, and Slavik Jablan (Mathematics Institution, Belgrade, Serbia), a pioneer of a relatively new study field: the visual mathematics. Our conference includes a workshop session, where everybody can try in practice some succesful methods and practices in the experience-centered education of mathematics.

All registered participants will get our newly published tri-lingual (Hungarian-Croatian-English) book, called Experience-centered Approach and Visuality In The Education of Mathematics and Physics.



Dear Friends, we reached the limit in the number of participants of our conference!
More registration are not possible, but you are welcome as an audience of the presentations.



Venue: Kaposvár University, New Building (Új tanügyi épület), Room 170

09.00-9.30 Registration
The subscription to the afternoon workshops will take place in the morning at the registration desk in the order of arrival. We would like to offer everyone active participation at our workshops, but due to the large interest, it can happen that some of our guests can “only” observe the workshops. Thank you very much for your understanding, in advance!

09.30-10.00 Welcoming Remarks

Dr. Ferenc Szávai, Rector of the Kaposvár University

András Tálos, Hungary-Croatia IPA Cross-border Co-operation Programme, programme manager

Péter Stickel, Director of Human Relations, Municipality of Kaposvár City,

Dr. Eleonóra Stettner, Kaposvár University, professional leader of the CrossBorderScience project

Slobodanka Polašek, teacher of the Petra Preradovića High School, leader of the  CrossBorderScience project in Virovitica

Kristóf Fenyvesi, (University of Jyväskylä, Finland) leader of the Experience Workshop, the Bridges Organization’s Director of Community Events

10.00-10.30 OPENING TALK

Bridging Disciplines and Culture, Bridging the World. International Conference of Bridges: Mathematical Connections in Art, Music, and Science. The largest interdisciplinary conference in mathematics and the arts in the world

by Dr. Reza Sarhangi (Towson University, USA)

Reza Sarhangi

During the European Renaissance, art, mathematics, architecture, science, and music flourished side by side. This is no longer the case, and although many artists and scientists are calling for ways to regain the lost mutual understanding, appreciation, and exchange, it has been hard to know how to create environments in which this can happen in a meaningful way. No less a divide exists between mathematics and the general public. All human beings are fluent in recognizing and appreciating patterns, and are able to deal with the abstractions of language, music, visual art, and theatre effortlessly. Yet most people think that they have a latent aversion to mathematics and are largely unaware of how deeply embedded it is in the world around them. Still, we have seen over and over again how fascinated and excited people become when mathematical connections are presented in ways which relate to their experiences and trigger their natural curiosities and aesthetic sensibilities. The International Bridges Conferences, created in 1998 and running annually since, have provided a remarkable model of how these divides can be crossed. Here practicing mathematicians, scientists, artists, educators, musicians, writers, computer scientists, sculptures, dancers, weavers, model builders have come together in a lively and highly charged atmosphere of mutual exchange and encouragement. Important components of these conferences, apart from formal presentations, are gallery displays of visual art, working sessions with practitioners and artists who are crossing the mathematics-arts boundaries, and musical or theatrical events in the evenings. Furthermore a lasting record of each Bridges Conference is its Proceedings – a beautiful resource book of the papers and the visual presentations of the meeting.

10.30-10.40 BREAK


10.40-11.00 Experience-centered Approach and Visuality In The Education of Mathematics

The Experience Workshop International Math-Art Movement

by Kristóf Fenyvesi (University of Jyväskylä, Finland) the leader of the Experience Workshop International Math-Art Movement, Dr. Eleonóra Stettner, Kaposvár University, professional leader of the CrossBorderScience project and Ildikó Szabó (ANK-Pécs),  the educational leader of the Experience Workshop International Math-Art Movement

Fenyvesi Kristóf dr. Stettner Eleonóra Szabó Ildikó

11.00-11.15 The share of natural sciences in the curricula of secondary schools in the Bjelovar Bilogora County

by Sanja Klubicka, Vocational School of Polytechnics, Daruvar, Croatia

11.15-11.30 Project Report Of The Spring School of Physics in Virovitica

by Slobodanka Polašek, teacher of the Petra Preradovića High School, leader of the  CrossBorderScience project in Virovitica

Slobodanka Polašek Jasminka Viljevac

11.30-11.45 GeoGebra workshops in the Natural Sciences Know No Borders project

by Jasminka Viljevac, teacher of the Petra Preradovića High School




12.15-12.35 Magical Moments In The School

dr. Liptai Kálmán


by Dr. Kálmán Liptai, Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the Eger College, initiator of a number of successful educational innovations



12.35-12.55 A Potential Way Of Cognition – Theatre and Drama In Education of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Hajós Zsuzsa


by Zsuzsa Hajós, president of the Hungarian Student Theatre Association and the writer-actor-dramateacher of the Roundtable Theatre Education Centre



12.55-13.10 Early recognition of gifted students interested in natural sciences

by Dr. József Berkes, leading coordinator of the ANK Accredited Talent Center and Éva Hajnal, teacher of the ANK-Pécs School Nr. 1.

13.10-14.30 LUNCH




A Workshop In Construction And Decoration Of Decagram Based Interlocking Star Polygons

by Reza Sarhangi (Towson University, USA) & Mojgan Lisar (The Netherlands)

Reza Sarhangi Mojgan Lisar

The aim of this workshop is to study different approaches for creating mosaic designs and also decorate them using the art of Tazhib. The common element for the course of study in these designs is a special ten pointed star polygon. This special polygon, which is called a decagram for convenience, is the dominant geometric shape of a series of polyhedral tessellations that all consist of the same common motifs. The decagram can be created through the rotation of two concentric congruent regular pentagons with a radial distance of 36° from each others’ central angles. However, to create a decagram-based interlocking pattern, a craftsman-mathematician needs to take careful steps to locate a fundamental region. The rectangular-shaped fundamental regions, which are constructed using radial grids, have different proportions for their dimensions.
The workshop will continue by decorating and painting individual petals that ten of them will make a full decagram. In this part of workshop attendees will draw the design for a petal and then paint it properly. In the end each ten petals will be attached to a cardboard to make a Tazhib decagram ready to be hanged on a wall!

Mojgan Lisar műhelye

GeoGebra Workshop by Jasminka Viljevac
Venue: Room 168

GeoGebra is a mathematical software uniting geometry, algebra and analysis. It was developed by Markus Hohenwarter in 2001. This software has been widely used and developed in Croatia as well. This workshop will show the connection between certain geometric shapes and visual arts.


16.20-16.30 BREAK


16.30-16.50 Education of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences (Thoughts In Connection with an EU-project)

by János Karsai, University of Szeged, Department of Medical Physics and Informatics


Venue: Room 170

Mathematics Without Words Nor Formulas. Visual Mathematics In The Sciences And In The Education

dr. Slavik Jablan



by Dr. Slavik Jablan, who is the editor of the electronic journal VisMath. He was and is a member of many math-art conferences (Bridges, ISAMA, ISIS-Symmetry, etc.) and exhibitions (AMS, Bridges, etc.). He is a renowned specialist in the mathematical knot theory in the group of the famous Louis Kauffman, and yet still finds time to design a course entitled Visual Mathematics at the Faculty of Information Technology FIT in Belgrade.





16.50-17.00 BOOKSHOW

Élményközpontúság és vizualitás a matematika- és fizikaoktatásban / Doživljaji i vizualnost u centru pozornosti u nastavi fizike i matematike / Experience-centered Approach and Visuality In The Education of Mathematics and Physics

by Dr. Slavik Jablan, Dr. Reza Sarhangi and the members of the International Board of Editors.


Venue: Kaposvár University, Hungary, Kaposvár city, Guba Sándor str. 40.

Travelling by train
Travelling by domestic bus
Local buses: 8, 8/E, 8/Y and 18 from the Kaposvár Bus Station.
Local Taxi by phone: e.g. +36 82 555 555, +36 82 777 777


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      Köszönettel, Fenyvesi Kristóf és Dr. Stettner Eleonóra, szervezők

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