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Report – Kaposvár, 2011

December 1-2, 2011.

The Experience Workshop Movement for the Experience-Centred Education of Mathematics visited the Kaposvár University for the third time. Using the common language of mathematics and the arts, our intention was to establish cross-country collaborations.

Our programme offered the experience of exploration through several community art&science workshops and an excellent opportunity for the educational professionals coming from several countries to share best practises concerning the education of mathematics, sciences and arts.

  • 350 Hungarian and 31 Croatian students participated in the events.
  • The workshop leaders represented six countries (USA, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary).
  • Besides the Croatian and Kaposvárian (Hungary) high school students staff members of the Compass Youth Association and the students of the ANK Experience Workshop, Pécs (Hungary) took part of the creative school day.
  • We also had the pleasure to receive several educational professionals interested in our programmes


December 1., 2011.


The Experience Workshop was preceded by a Mathematical Competition between the students of Petra Preradovića High School (Virovitica, Croatia) and Táncsics Mihály High School (Kaposvár, Hungary). The examples to be solved by the 40 participating students were compiled by Anna Klingné Takács, a teacher of the Kaposvár University.

Winners of the Mathematical Competition from Hungary:

Class 10
1. Virág Werkmann
2. Katalin Novográdecz
Special Award: Sándor Krisztián

Class 11
1. Arnold Bingler
2. Bálint Katona

Winners of the Mathematical Competition from Croatia:

Class 2
1. Luka Marek
2. Vedrana Moslavac

Class 3
1. Lea Miokovic
2. Drazen Juraj Petrovic

After two hours hard work of solving maths examples, the next event was the opening ceremony of Robert Fathauer, American mathematician’s wonderful exhibition curated by Kristóf Fenyvesi and Ildikó Szabó, the leading curators of the Experience Bridges Traveling Exhibit. In her opening talk Dr. Eleonóra Stettner quoted Godfrey Harold Hardy the prominent English mathematician’s thoughts:

„The mathematician’s patterns, like the painter’s or the poet’s must be beautiful; the ideas, like the colours or the words must fit together in a harmonious way. Beauty is the first test: there is no permanent place in the world for ugly mathematics.”

Robert Fathauer, who is the chief curator of the exhibitions of the Bridges Organization, personally introduced his exhibit to the visitors.

All participants of the mathematics competition got a copy from THE VASARELY PLAYHOUSE art album by Slavik Jablan and Ljiljana Radovic (edited by Kristóf Fenyvesi). And the top ranked competitors won Robert Fathauer’s mathematical toys.

December 2., 2011.


The Experience Workshop was opened by Mihály Hepp, President of the Hungarian Croatian Minority Self-Government, Dr. László Balogh (Kaposvár University), Dean of The Faculty of Economic Science, Dr. Eleonóra Stettner (Kaposvár University), Head of Department of Mathematics and Physics, professional leader of the Cross-Border Science project, Ivana Bešir, headmaster of the Petra Preradovića Secondary School (Virovitica, Croatia) and Ildikó Szabó (ANK-Pécs, Hungary) mathematics-physics teacher and the professional leader of the Experience Workshop Math-Art Movement.

The opening presentation was held by Robert Fathauer mathematician (USA). The title of his interesting talk was Puzzles and Art Based on Tessellations and Fractals  and it proved to be an excellent introduction to the exciting workshops organized and guided by the Experience Workshop’s university professors, artists, teachers and game designers from six countries of the world.

Among the many interesting programs, the Zometool Quasicrystal Workshop to the honor of Daniel Shechtman, the 2011 chemistry nobel prize laureate was certainly a unique event. The 2,5 m high object is consisted by nearly 10.000 pieces and provide an outstanding illustration of DANIEL SHECHTMAN’s great discovery of quasicrystals. The giant Zometool object is based upon the famous photo of H. U. Nissen, and the object was designed especially for the Kaposvár University by the team of Paul Hildebrandt, the chief developer of Zometool Inc.

Participating high schools from Kaposvár city (Hungary):

Participating Croatian high schools:

Other participating organizations, institutes:

The institutes of the participating teachers, educational professionals, university students:

The programme continues! Let’s meet at Virovitica, Croatia in 2012 March where we organize a Physics Competition and an International Experience Workshop!

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